Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Whitefield is a blogging school

Here you will find all of our class and other blogs.  A blog is an online type of diary. Each class will have its own blog with lots of information about what the children are doing. The children would love you to comment on what they are learning.

We also have some special other blogs to share what is happening in school.

Reading blog  Click here
eCadets blog     Click here
School Council blog Click here
Sports News blog  Click here

Guidelines for making posts and commenting on a blog

  • Don’t write your name on any post
  • Only write positive comments, don’t be mean or rude
  • No swearing or using bad language
  • Don’t write your address or any other person’s address or other private information
  • No text message talk – please make sure you write in full sentences and check your replies before sending them.

Parents – please be careful not to use pupil names or make comments which identify pupil names.

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